Aurora King

Director of Programs

Aurora Toshiko King is the Director of Programs at Destiny Arts Center, where she works to develop social-justice-focused creative youth development programs and share Destiny’s practices with educators, administrators, and thought-leaders in the Bay Area and nationally. Born and raised in the tomato belt of Northern California, Aurora has worked at Destiny since 2014.

Aurora believes that art and creative expression are fundamental to our humanity and essential for our collective survival. To that end, she works in close collaboration with educators and administrators in Bay Area public schools to bring these values—already so central to our communities—into the education system in ways that are sustainable, equitable, and culturally responsive.

Aurora’s work at Destiny is rooted in years of experience working as an educator and administrator in Oakland and San Francisco public schools, as well as her own personal struggles navigating education systems as a young person. Before joining Destiny, Aurora worked as the Programs Manager at Performing Arts Workshop in San Francisco. While in this role, she deepened their work in the Bayview neighborhood by collaborating with educators and administrators to create culturally responsive programs.

Aurora has been supporting state, local and national efforts to advance equity in the arts for over a decade. She participates in the Creative Youth Development Partnership National Advisory Committee and the Create CA Leadership Institute Planning Committee. She works closely with leaders at the National Guild for Community Arts Education to highlight the importance of using a racial justice framework for creative youth development. In addition to her work at Destiny, Aurora is a mother, an artist and an advocate.

Aurora holds a BA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University.