Arts Center Coordinator

Bryan Massengale is the Arts Center Coordinator at Destiny Arts Center, where he embodies our culture of welcome, supporting Teaching Artists, families, students, partners and guests to thrive at our North Oakland center. Hailing from Pasadena, California but with deep familial roots in Oakland, he has been with Destiny since 2016.

Bryan knows firsthand how important the work of supporting and mentoring youth is through his decades of experience providing direct services to young people in various capacities.

Bryan first learned about Destiny while running the after-school program at Oakland’s Westlake Middle School. He spent fifteen years working with autistic, blind, and learning-disabled youth at the LeRoy Haynes Education Center and Group Home. There, he advocated for justice-involved youth who had been identified as vulnerable to repeated incarceration, helping them reintegrate into their communities after being released from correctional or foster care facilities.

Bryan holds BA in Social & Behavioral Sciences from San Francisco State University.