Program Assistant

Camille Schmitt is the Onsite Programs Assistent at Destiny Arts Center. She works to support the staff and youth to help create a smooth, stress free, and loving environment for the youth artists to flourish.

Camille graduated from Oakland Technical High School in the Fall of 2017 and is now a student at Mills College. She is currently deciding about majors/minors but thinks she will study to double major in Dance & Communications (with a focus in Business) and minor in English (with a focus in Creative Writing). Camille hopes that by getting an education in the arts, she can land a job where she is able to do whatever she can to heal the wounds of our world through artistic expression. She looks forward to building meaningful connections with the future change-makers of our community, and is blessed to be doing this at Destiny Arts Center!

Camille believes that integrating the arts into our own worlds, no matter our age or stage in our lives, is a vital part of discovering our truest most powerful selves. She believes that through art, people are able to release internal struggles and barriers and grow into the person they are destined to become.

Camille has landed multiple positions at Destiny including being a summer camp counselor both at Peralta and at Destiny’s main site, and has been an Assistant Teaching Artist for Teddy Bear Martial Arts, Hip Hop, and Salsa.

Camille’s interest in travel and the arts landed her the opportunity to travel with members of the Destiny community in partnership with Adobe to perform in New York and L.A. with Nile Rodgers and The Chic Band. She also traveled to India with Rashidi Omari and Archie in partnership with a social justice and arts group called Prayasam and plans to continue this artistic partnership.

In addition to her work at Destiny, Camille works as a childcare provider/ babysitter during her free time and is always happy to meet new families to support! Some of her other passions are singing, spoken word/poetry, painting, education, and building a more loving, understanding community for future generations.