Teaching Artist

Chyna Kane-Ross is a dance teaching artist at Destiny, where she teaches Hip-Hop dance. Originally from Oakland, Chyna has been with Destiny since 2009.

Chyna believes that the performing arts have the power to shape the hearts of people around the world. Art reinforces and creates change within individuals and their communities that then radiates into the universe.

Chyna performed with the Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company for 5 years, participated in The Best of the Bay Area for three consecutive years, and continues to train and expand her skills as a dancer with the Theater and Dance Performance Studies Department at UC Berkeley. In addition to performing and teaching, Chyna enjoys reading and mentoring girls to promote their self esteem and show them the value of education.

Chyna is trained in classical Indian Kathak Dance, Ballet, Modern, HIp Hop, Jazz, West African and Afro-Brazilian Dance. She is currently a student at UC Berkeley, where she is a double major in Legal Studies Dance Performance Studies.