Destiny Arts Center exists to inspire and ignite social change through the arts.


“Destiny Arts is the heartbeat of the community.”Destiny Arts Center caregiver

Destiny Arts Center believes that art and movement gives young people a vehicle for self and community expression. Founded by Black and Queer dance and martial artists in 1988, Destiny uses movement-based arts to uplift youth voice, supporting pathways for young people to express themselves, advocate for justice and equity, fight against the systemic racism that continues to impact Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), and build a community where everyone feels seen, valued, and free.

We provide a brave space for youth to express themselves, advocate for social change, and build thriving communities. 

An anchor cultural institution with over 30 years working in Oakland, Destiny’s movement arts programs are rooted in Destiny’s creative youth development framework and the “Warriors Code”–Love, Care, Respect, Honor, Responsibility, Peace, which support young people in building their resiliency and power. We are committed to centering the voices and experiences of BlPOC youth in our work, and we believe in supporting the whole child through fostering healthy environments and relationship-building as pathways to social and emotional wellness.

Commitment to social change has been embedded in Destiny’s core values and methodologies for over 30 years. We know that to do our work with integrity involves continuous reflection and action about how we can use our institutional voice to advocate for change, while centering and celebrating youth of color.

Read our statement of racial equity

When we are successful, young people live meaningful, connected, creative lives, and become advocates for a just and equitable society.