Destiny Arts Center partners with 26 Oakland Schools and serves over 2,600 young people per year

Destiny Arts Center has a proven track record of meaningfully impacting young people, supporting the families that need it most and cultivating the arts community in Oakland. Destiny Arts students become peaceful, powerful, and creative members of our society.

80% of students say that their Destiny class helps them handle problems in life better.

Students are calm and have more confidence in expressing themselves and have found new passions within the classroom. Others have stepped out of their comfort zone to participate in performances.”

Oakland School Teacher

88% of students say Destiny classes make them feel better about themselves.

Destiny taught me that the sky is the limit and you should reach with happiness…”

Destiny Alum

84% of students felt that they showed their feelings through movement.

It is more than dance…I have seen her blossom, be more brave.

Destiny Parent

84% of the families we serve fall below the federal poverty level

The pay is on a sliding scale. I am a full time student, compared to other places where the pay would be so much more where I couldn’t afford it.”

Destiny Parent

480 hours of paid professional development for teaching artists and 400+ hours of free rehearsal space for companies in residence

We feel as residents we have a responsibility to create works that are of service to the community of Destiny. It is an honor, privilege and everyday joy to be a part of this community.”

Alphabet Rockers

Destiny Company in Residence