Destiny Arts Center’s offers hands-on and embodied arts education training to educators, school administrators, teaching artists and community leaders.

Rooted in movement arts practice and utilizing principles of social emotional learning and trauma-informed restorative practice, Destiny brings three decades of creative youth development programs experience to our professional development programs. Destiny Arts Center has emerged as a model for youth development grounded in our arts education and peace building philosophy and driven by a desire for safe and loving communities.


Trainings are facilitated by Destiny Arts Center’s training team which includes our core program and artistic staff and teaching artist mentors.

The workshop was amazing! The integration of deep political issues into performance and body movement gave me tremendous insight into how I will organize my own curriculum with students.”

Academic Case Manager

Bridging the Bay Regional After School Conference

San Francisco, CA

Often a teacher or teaching artist comes in with their expertise but, has no understanding of creating community in the classroom.  Establishing this first allows for deeper creativity by the group as a whole, the individuals in the group begin to trust themselves and their classmates now colleagues; the group takes ownership of the process and their learning experience.  With Destiny Arts Center’s Sarah Crowell’s heartfelt and compassionate, clear leadership, learning is taken to a deeper and broader level.  She highlights teaching moments, moments where we can guide the students to their next level of ability.  I left her workshop feeling inspired and excited for the new year of “teaching” to begin.”

Teaching Artist

Inventing Our Future: Integrated Learning Summer Institute

Oakland, CA


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