We teach Street Dance because it reflects our community.

Destiny Arts Center has been participating in, teaching, and preserving dance styles from the African Diaspora for 30 years. We believe that when we teach dance and movement-based arts, it is important to connect students to the roots of the forms they are learning. As a community, we are grounded in an Oakland lineage where Hip Hop music and Street Dance are central in the history and culture.


The Street Dance Curriculum MixTape is a living document co-authored by Mika Lemoine and Rashidi Omari that offers educators and practitioners of Street Dance cultural context, history and teaching tools that ground students in their art form’s living legacy.

Since 2016, artists from the Destiny community have been collaborating to build a Street Dance Curriculum grounded in our Creative Youth Development Framework. In September 2019, we invited experts, pioneers, and cultural preservationists Jackie “Miss Funk” Lopez, Rennie Harris, Marina “Nurse Boogy” Stankov-Hodge, DocLock of GroovMekanex & PrimeTime Players-OBC, Fayzo, and Tsunami to develop our guide further. 

We hope that The Mixtape and its companion documents offer resources to street dancers when practicing their forms and building curriculum.

View and download The Mixtape

View and download Top of The Crate to dig deeper into hip hop and street dance