The Elders Project fosters and deepens intergenerational artistic collaboration between elders and teens.

Program Overview

Created by Risa Jaroslow, Artistic Director of Risa Jaroslow & Dancers in partnership with Sarah Crowell, Artistic Director of Destiny Arts Center and Co-Director of the Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company in 2017, The Elders Project provides opportunities for youth and elders to support and learn about one another and co-create work that expands movement possibilities for all ages. 


Bringing these two groups together leads to performances that are tender and inspiring—full of surprises and insights. Each group gains opportunities to see the world from a broader perspective, and teens and elders feel seen and acknowledged in meaningful and unique ways.

elder women performing on stage

As elders, I believe that we have been profoundly changed and moved by our interactions with the youth. We have shared moments of vulnerability, support, and artistic co-creation—and we have been mutually inspired by each other.”


Elders Project Member

My participation in the Destiny Elders [Project] inspired my nine year old granddaughter to join the Destiny family. I love that we now have dancing and Destiny in common, and that the social justice values we teach at home are reinforced in the Destiny vision.”

Brenda Grayson Shinault

Elders Project Member

Being part of the Elders Project is the highpoint of my eighties.”

Shirley Parini

Elders Project Member

Working with the Elders Project and the youth performance companies has filled me with a renewed sense of hope, admiration and wonder.  Both groups have taught me so much, with lots of joy mixed in.”

Ellen Bepp

Elders Project Member